Top 3 Tips for Doing a Live Stream

Top 3 Tips for Doing a Live Stream

Who doesn’t live stream nowadays? Whether you’re a fitness trainer, makeup tutorial influencer, gamer, religious figure, or financial coach, almost everybody is live streaming nowadays.

Doing a live stream is definitely lucrative not just because of the supposed vanity aspect, as other non-marketing folks perceive it and, in the process, diminish its value. If done strategically and tastefully, It’s actually a cost-effective way of building your brand and promoting your business.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is simultaneously broadcasting your video to different platforms, so as you create, your viewers can watch in real-time. To do a live stream, you just need an electronic device or gadget with a video recorded and is capable of connecting to the internet, so you can record yourself and broadcast all at the same time.

The top mobile live streaming apps for this year include Periscope, StreamNow, Broadcast Me, and of course, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

Follow these three tips to avoid snags when your live streaming and save yourself the embarrassment since, after all, this is live!

Tip #1 – Plan ahead, tech and content-wise!

Nothing beats a well-planned and well-prepared live streaming event. Of course, there are always risks and uncertainties, but if you plan ahead, you will always have contingencies for any eventuality such as power outages, poor internet connection, or your streaming app going down.

As for content, you should also never underestimate the power of having a clear-cut content plan. The worst thing you can do live is to blabber about nonsensical things, wasting both your business’ and the audience’s valuable time. Every opportunity to grab your audience’s attention should be maximized, and you don’t want to leave a bad taste in their mouth by saying something inappropriate, offensive or inaccurate during your live stream. It’s so difficult and costly to undo a social media PR nightmare, and all could have been avoided by simply planning your content.

Aside from content and connectivity, you should also prepare for logistical requirements that can add value to your production. The cheapest things you can invest in to make sure you have a visually appealing live stream? A camera or video stabilizer and proper lighting, of course! Poorly lit screens could automatically repel viewers. And imagine watching a migraine-inducing live stream because it’s unfocused or jiggly? Why even waste time, right?

Tip #2 – Focus!

Since everyone has been working from home due to recent global events, it’s harder to have the entire house, let alone a room, to yourself. However, if you’re planning to do a live stream, having these unsightly and audible distractions just won’t cut it.

Tied to planning ahead, make sure events and activities before your live stream are organized and scheduled well. Avoid last-minute runs to do errands, or your children, spouse or other relatives barging in at your bedroom or office while you are doing the live stream. There’s nothing more unprofessional than having your live stream disturbed and derailed – unless you have a fairly lax following. But even the most casual audiences and online communities still need to be treated to a focused and well-put live stream.

Tip #3 – Modulate + Hydrate

Now, this tip is for yourself: the speaker and central figure of the live stream. No matter how long you’ve been doing a live stream, there will be times when nerves might kick in. So prior to live streaming, always make sure that you are in your most composed self. Do away with negative thoughts and just put yourself in the moment.

Two key practices: modulate and hydrate. Your voice is crucial when you live stream because you’ll be doing a lot of talking unless it’s an event coverage, in which you may have someone narrate with you. Nevertheless, your voice will be strained so you need to practice your vocal cords and make sure they’re stretched out properly so you’ll have nice audible vocals.

One thing you should notice about vloggers and live performers is that they always have a bottle of water or some liquid beverage to keep them hydrated. As a live streamer, you shouldn’t be any different. Especially when the live stream is going to run an hour-long, that’s a hefty long time to do a lot of discussing and a lot of talking. Make sure you stay hydrated, otherwise you can’t recharge. 

Live Streaming Will Do Wonders for Your Business

Doing a live stream can be daunting, however, the benefits far outweigh all the work you put into it. Video has been the primary way people consume content nowadays, so you will definitely attract new markets and be in front of new audiences with your live stream. If done right, with taste and strategically in keeping with your brand, it can definitely boost your business and expand your online presence.