Simple(r) Social Media – Announcing the New Guide

Simple(r) Social Media – Announcing the New Guide

If you know me, you know I write. A lot. And much of what I write about relates to the things I know that other people seem to want to know. And this is the case with my newest guide (it’s too short to call a book) Simple(r) Social Media.

In this writing, I give you all you need to think about with regard to social media. Note that this is not a formulaic how-to. I won’t tell you exactly what to do or when/where/how to do it. Why? Because that is far too complex to outline based on every organization’s situation. Instead, I give you the information you need to determine that for yourself.

If you’re deep into social media, this is unlikely to be of much interest, though the higher-level strategy and concepts might be worth checking out.

Download my Simple(r) Social Media Guide Here

Instead, I wrote this for two kinds of people.

  • People who have to, or will have to, oversee social media for the organization as part of their job.
  • People who have to, or will have to, implement social media as part of their job.

Note that I didn’t say it’s for social media professionals, etc. If it were, this thing would be much longer. But there are plenty of books out there like that, and some of them are even pretty good. The feedback on this has been quite positive, so I thought I’d share it here.

What am I hoping for from this? There are a few goals with putting this out:

  1. People come to trust and respect what I have to say a bit more.
  2. Someone, somewhere, thinks I’m worth hiring.
  3. It saves people time and stress.

It really is that simple. So here you go, check it out, and enjoy. Thanks for reading this overly long blog post I wrote in order to make the SEO robots happy (300 words, every time, bare minimum. 🙂