How to Keep Customers Engaged to the End

How to Keep Customers Engaged to the End

How to Keep Customers Engaged to the End

Customers are any business’s lifeblood, which is why it’s critical that you always give them the utmost importance. The most successful brands across the globe have one thing in common: whether through offline or online marketing and means, they have high customer engagement. 

With customer engagement, you establish a relationship with the people who purchase what you sell in order to maximize customer loyalty by creating more meaningful experiences with them. Many big or small brands nowadays are fully aware that customer engagement is crucial so they do their best to provide every information that they can without knowing that sometimes they overwhelm the customers. They tend to go overboard on giving promises and information to the customers to show off their products and services. But is it really helpful? Or is it way too much? 

How to Avoid the Thud Factor

As a business owner, we want what’s best for our customers for them to be able to re-purchase our products, right? But here’s the thing: customers are like preschool students. They get bored easily, have a short attention span, and they just always want new things. Customers love unique ideas or products yet when they already receive them, it should satisfy their wants and needs for them to be able to trust your brand. Here comes the concept of the thud factor.

Imagine visiting the bookstore and getting every book that catches your attention. When you come home, you set aside everything on a table and you hear that “thud” sound. Yes, you may have purchased the books because it caught your attention or the cover is interesting, but will you really read it? Maybe not. The same goes for the products or services you offer. Customers shouldn’t be experiencing that thud factor but instead, they should use and love your offer.

Give the customer actionable steps

As a brand, you don’t have to impress (or overwhelm) your consumers with so much information or content. Loving your product or services shouldn’t be so complicated. Instead, give your customers guidance as they venture into learning more about your product. 

New customers are overrun by the number of options they have. They don’t know what to do and they don’t know how to get started – so show them how to use it step-by-step just like a kinder gartener learning the alphabet. 

When the customer is satisfied, let them learn more about your product on their own and allow them to give honest feedback to show them that their opinion matters. By doing this, you include your customers in your team and build a relationship to earn their trust.

Compartmentalize your content

People love having a wide array of choices but when they cannot make a decision, it is extremely unlikely that they will make a purchase. This is when choice overload occurs as a result of too many choices being available to consumers. 

As a brand that values their customer, keep your options simple and concise and help them quickly understand the differences among products and services you offer. This may be done by assisting the customer based on what they want, what they need and their liking. You may also use the power of technology by using different social media platforms to highlight options and point out the differences among the products you offer. 

Take advantage of your brand’s creativity to create informational content in the form of articles, podcasts, posters or even advertisements to catch the attention of your consumers and enlighten them at the same time. 

Don’t get too invested in your own product

It’s only right to be concerned about what customers have to say about your offer since it can affect your sales. But it is also important to remember that too much of a good thing is bad. Maybe you just want the customers to be amazed, but stop bombarding them with fake claims and false advertising. 

Your duty is to explain the specs of the product and reveal its strengths and weaknesses because customers love brands that are transparent and honest. Letting your consumers address weaknesses and complaints can help the brand grow by considering their suggestions and learn on providing excellent customer service. Honesty and reliability are two crucial elements for a brand to remember, and through proper customer engagement, they can feel personally empowered through a connection with the brand and are more likely to make repeat purchases.

Take engaging your customers to heart 

Customer engagement is not something that happens by chance but rather an outcome of a well-defined plan of action. Sometimes you can overwhelm customers unintentionally with so much information or choices. So always remember to treat all your customers like a VIP and assist them through their journey in knowing your product to avoid the thud factor. 

Help them get through their decision-making phase by strategizing your content, supplying specific information and providing excellent customer service. Connect to your customers through building a community on different platforms, may this be through hosting giveaways on your page, events, social causes or maybe even an exclusive offer for your loyal customers. 

By doing this, your brand will receive a high engagement rate, positive reviews and happier customers in no time.