Blogging For Your Business – How Effective Is It?

Blogging For Your Business

Blogging For Your Business – How Effective Is It?

What is Blogging?

Hotdogs for sale! A man yells in a baseball stadium full of people hungry for the home team to win and, at the same time, just plain hungry!

Yelling what you sell is one way of communicating that you have a product or service to sell or offer. 

Well, a lot of things have changed since the majority of salespeople yell as a way to communicate what they sell since the dawn of the information age.

Now, If you are able to develop a product or offer a service and believe that it can address a specific need and therefore generate profit from it, you need to communicate it with your target market. There are a lot of ways and avenues today in the digital world. 

Blogging is one of them!

Blogs are written content of people who are giving their personal experience about a specific topic, and these are being posted on websites. You can see different blog posts from different websites that represent different industries.

How Effective is Blogging?

Studies show that B2B companies who regularly blog receive 67% more leads every month than those companies who don”t. Definitely, these numbers can translate to the improvement of your sales! It also shows that a lot of consumers today go to blogs for product insight given by experts or those that have actual experience of the product or service being offered. 

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. People are inclined to be smart buyers. Most want to get the value of what they paid for. Advertisements and Commercials don’t answer these concerns. Blogs do. The more details you provide, the more chances a consumer trusts your product and company. Giving accurate information of what you sell can translate to customer loyalty. 

Tips On How You Can Start Blogging

If you are a frequent reader of blog posts, then you’ll have at least an idea of how it can work for your business. Gather your team of content writers and brainstorm on ideas on how you will position your blog. 

Or better yet, outsource

Identify the focus of your writings. Do you want to communicate your product to your potential customers? Do you want to provide them with specific information to aid them in their purchase? Do you want to use your blogs as a marketing tool for them to buy from you? Do you want to ask customer feedback that is centered on your product for positive reviews? Setting a goal for blog writing is necessary to keep your business objectives aligned. It will have advantages if you are strategic on your posts. 

Writing blogs takes time and effort so you have to assign a good writer that is familiar to it. Designate a specific budget for design, blog hosting website or if you want to hire professional writers, you may do so along with a budget. 

Ideas On Different Types of Blogs

A personal blog is one of the most common ones you see on social media platforms. It is centered on the writer’s personal experience. Their travels, food experiences, and product reviews. 

A corporate blog is centered on promotional of a company’s brand or services to reach their target audience. The main purpose of this is to increase engagement to attract potential customers.

Tutorial Blogs are how-to-do-it kind of blogs that guide readers on certain products they purchased or services they availed. Some writers have experienced assembling or learning things that are new to others. It’s basically sharing information from one person to another whether it is a type of product or service. 

Inspirational Blogs are positive blogs made to encourage people who are facing negativity and uplift their feelings. The message of hope is resounding which is mostly based on personal experience. 

There are so many blogs available depending on the need that the writers want to address. 

Benefits of Blogging on Your Business

Blogging can help increase your customer traffic that can, later on, be converted to leads. As you keep on producing content for your blogs, it will increase the awareness of the type of products you sell or the services you offer. You may not entirely convert them to sales but the contents you make will definitely spell improvement for your marketing communication. 

And the best part of blogging is not that expensive compared to traditional advertising media. Since most people are into reading blogs, it’s not that difficult to reach your target audience as long as you are smart on your placement and come up with creative content.

Get up and start blogging!