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Kuba Kickz Review

Kuba Kickz Front View

Review of the Kuba Kickz

I originally noticed the Kuba Kickz product when I was browsing around Amazon last December looking for a gift for my Tae Kwon Do instructor. I always try to find something different, as he has everything you could ever imagine. The Kuba Kickz product was intriguing so I purchased one for him.

When it arrived I was intrigued at the concept – a molded plastic piece that fits on your shoe allowing for devastating kicks. I didn’t have a chance to work with the one I purchased for him, so I ordered one of my own a few weeks later. I purchased the unit in black so it could “hide” on my black boots. In that respect it has been very successful – not a single person has commented on the item unless I mentioned it first.

Kuba Kickz Side View

Kuba Kickz on my Belleville Mini-Mil Boots

The directions are a bit lacking. The piece has some holes that looked to be for threading shoelaces. When I did that, though, the Kuba Kickz didn’t sit well on my boot. After browsing the website, I noticed photos showing the laces were to be threaded over it, not through. Once I had that information, everything worked well.

I’ve been fortunate enough to not need this in a self-defense manner, but I have thrown some kicks on cardboard boxes. While it requires kicking in a slightly different manner than I would barefoot, it does feel effective. I’d much prefer being able to kick with the ball of my foot, or the lowest part of the instep, but the addition of shoes changes kicks, of course.

I feel that the addition of Kuba Kickz adds a dramatic self-defense tool to anyone’s footwear. I’ve become a strong proponent of the item, even encouraging a number of people to purchase one for themselves. It’s discrete and doesn’t count as a traditional weapon, allowing me to wear it in places that I may not be able to carry a knife. For someone with little to no kicking skill, it can turn their kicks into something quite potent.




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