CrossFit Hand Care

I’ve struggled with keeping my hands in decent shape. I’ve never had “tough hands,” so stepping into all the pull ups, toes to bar & knees to elbow was a real challenge. I suffered from torn, bruised, bloody hands a lot that first year. Read On»

Review of the Minimalist Barefoot Belleville TR 102 Mini-Mil Boot

As a fan of barefoot shoes (which some people call minimalist footwear), I’m always on the lookout for new footwear. I’ve been looking for proper minimalist boots for years. Read On»

Droid Razr Maxx – How To Remove Stock Apps

Get Rid of Those Annoying Stock Apps on Your Droid Razr Maxx Read On»


How To Root a Droid Razr Maxx Running Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Root Droid Razr Maxx

I was having heaps of trouble finding a functional root method for my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. It seemed that all of them were for people who didn’t have Ice Cream Sandwich – also called ICS or Android 4.0. My phone was running Android 4.0.4. I’ve learned over my time with Android that these differences matter, so I wasn’t about to mess around with a root exploit for an older Android version. After a great deal of hunting, though, I found something.

The efforts explained here were good, once I realized that they weren’t going to work on Windows 8. I tried all the tricks I know around compatibility, administrator privileges, etc. The batch file never ran properly. It worked like a charm on my Windows 7 laptop, though.

Good luck! Once you’ve done this you might be interested in how to install ClockWorkMod Recovery on your phone or maybe even remove the stock apps like MOG or Slacker.


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